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It is Sizzling Chili Time with Half Off Red Chile

By Jane Butel  October 31, 2019

With Halloween here, and all the scare crows, witches, cob webs, costumes and trick or treating--it is a great time to warm up with some yummy chile laden dishes.  Just to make it easier on your pocket books, we are featuring our pure no additive, all natural New Mexican powdered and crushed chiles for your savory cooking on sale at half price for two days, ending at midnight on Friday, November 1. 

As a contrast to the way we celebrate Halloween in this country--in Mexico they celebrate it as the Day of the Dead and are reverent in their offerings to deceased relatives.  As you know, Halloween started as the Hallowed Evening--the day to prepare for November 1--All Saints Day.  

We would love for you to take a break before the hurry and scurry of the holidays and come cook with us in a full participation cooking class for the weekend of November 8-10.  We still have a very few half price places available.  You'll learn most all of the traditional New Mexican dishes such as Carne Adobado and Sopaipillas--plus lots of good to know tips and hints for all types of cooking and baking.

With cold, chilly days and nights fast approaching--nothing beats a steaming bowl of blessings--what posole is often called--the Bowl of all Blessings.  And....by the way, for the first time in years, we now have Blue Corn Posole, which can be made the same as white posole--it only has to cook longer and at a higher heat, due to blue corn having a stronger cellulosic coating and blue corn is healthier, possessing lycine, which white corn does not possess.  Posole is best with a generous amount of our fresh caribe crushed chile and fresh, fresh cumin like ours.  (By the way to keep your chiles, cumin and Mexican Oregano and other leafy hers best, keep in glass jars in the refrigerator.)

Any kind of chili is very good for warming the heart and soul!  I am giving you our Posole recipe, which by the way is the "Chicken Noodle Soup" of Mexico--great for nurturing and curing.  Also leftover chili is great for oh so many wonderful dishes.  Here's a few ideas---

Migas—Just whip some eggs with a bit of milk, and add to a hot buttered skillet. Then add chili, chopped onion, pickled jalapenos, crumbled corn chips and chopped tomato.

On Burgers—Chili makes a perfect topper for a burger with a bit of cheese and chopped onion.

Pizza—Just follow the directions above for creating a delicious, spicy pizza.

Pasta Topping—Just toss with your favorite pasta and if it is precooked and bagged in your freezer, you almost have an instant meal. Just top with your favorite grated cheese, if desired.

 Baked Potatoes—Chili stuffed baked potatoes are a fabulous meal all to itself, especially on cool days or evenings. Just hollow out a portion of the baked potato and mix in butter and sour cream, if you like. Then layer with chili, chopped onion and pickled jalapeno.

Wraps—Just roll chili and your favorite toppings into a flour tortilla and for appetizer portions, slice every other slice on the diagonal with straight cuts in between and set flat cut sides down and angular sides up for an attractive design on the serving platter.

Burritos—Wrap stewed beans and cooked rice, if desired with some chili and your favorite toppings and voila! You have a burrito. Toast it a bit in a very hot 450F oven to slightly brown and crisp the tortilla. Add salsa or a sauce if you like.


(Dried Corn Kernels with Pork and Red Chiles) 

You may serve this either as a side dish or main dish.  It is actually a revered dish by the Pueblo and Mexican Indians—it is served for all special occasions and as a cure when one is ill.  Posole is actually the chicken noodle soup of Mexico, where they  like to layer toppings such as freshly shredded cabbage, fresh lime wedges, avocado cubes and cilantro sprigs.   Posole is actually the mother process for all corn products of Mexico.  It is ground for masa for tortillas or tamales and is left whole for this dish.  Posole is created by treating corn kernels with ground limestone and water.  Posole and hominy are quite different in nutrition, flavor and blessedness.  Hominy is made with harsh chemicals that destroy the cellulosic coating of the corn kernels, which makes it less palatable and less healthy. 

Yield:  15 to 16 servings 

1 pound dried posole

1 quart water, or more

2 pounds  pork shoulder, cut into ½” cubes

1 Tablespoon salt or to taste

2 garlic cloves, minced

pinch of Mexican oregano

1 Tablespoon cumin, or to taste, divided

¼ cup caribe chile or to taste 

  1. Simmer the posole in unseasoned water until it becomes soft and the kernels have burst open; it usually requires 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 
  1. Brown the pork cubes in a cold, well-seasoned frying pan; adding no fat or oil to the pan. Saute until very browned, then add to the posole. Deglaze the frying pan with 1 cup water, stirring to loosen the brownies sticking to the pan. Add this liquid to the posole. 
  1. Add remaining ingredients, using one-half the cumin and cook the stew for 1 or more hours, to blend the flavors. Just before serving, add the remaining half of cumin.  Taste and adjust the seasonings.  Ideally, this dish should be started the morning before it is to be served, to allow the flavors to develop. 

Notes:  In Old Mexico the following toppings are often served and posole is a main dish:

      2 cups thinly shredded fresh cabbage

     2 limes, cut into wedges

      1 avocado, pitted, peeled and cut into cubes

      1 bunch cilantro sprigs 

In Mexico, posole is often spelled with a “z” instead of an “s”. 




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