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We have included our most popular recipes for using our pure Pecos Valley Spice Co. New Mexican chiles.  Note the red and green powdered, crushed and frozen chiles are above and below the recipes.


How to Prepare Dried Chile Pods
To prepare whole chile pods, you must first wash the pods, then coarsely break them and place on a cookie sheet. Place in a warm oven at 300° F and heat for 5 to 15 minutes or until the chiles produce an aroma and slightly deepen in color. Stew in water for 30 minutes or until the flesh slips from the skin, then strain or blend to create a pulp to make into a sauce. 

Ancho Chile Pods

Ancho Chile Pods 4oz

$ 7.00

Anchos are dried poblanos and one of the most popular Mexican chiles. They are sometimes called Pasillas; however, Anchos are generally milder and produce a reddish brown sauce.

Cascabel Chile Pods

Cascabel Chile Pods 4oz

$ 7.00

These whole, round, thin-skinned chiles have loose seeds that rattle, hence the name. Appearing like a cherry pepper when fresh, the dried pods make a hot, richly flavored sauce.

Morita Chile Pods

Morita Chile Pods 4oz

$ 5.00

These richly flavored, smoked, red-ripe jalapenos really make salsas and relished, among other dishes, “come alive”. They need a touch of acid added to the cooking liquid to develop the flavor. These are the Mora, or less smoky, redder type, which is mechanically dried.

Barker Seeds

Barker Seeds (hot) .05oz

$ 3.25

A local chile developed years ago from native chiles. Known for its very pungent, hot, hot, hot flavor, less uniform in size and yield than other New Mexican chiles. Some say they are hotter than the Habanera chile.

Ancho 101 Seeds

Ancho 101 Seeds, the green form of this chile is called a Poblano.

$ 4.75

A popular Mexican chile, known as the poblano or pasilla when green, has large pods and deep green blackish fruit that ranges for 2 ½ to 4 inches long. Mild to medium hot.

New Mexico 6-4 Seeds

New Mexico 6-4 Seeds .05oz

$ 3.25

Perhaps the most popular all around chile, ranges mild to medium hot. Developed in New Mexico this chile has thick walls and is a favorite for Chile Rellenos.

Jalapeno Seeds

Jalapeno Seeds (hot) .05oz

$ 3.25

Will yield plants averaging 2 feet tall. The pods will be thick and vary from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter and up to 3 inches in length. They are very hot and most often used green and fresh, but can be frozen or pickled.

Tomatillo Seeds

Tomatillo Seeds.05oz

$ 4.00

These Mexican "green tomatoes" are often confused with American green tomatoes. They are different, yet wonderful and grow on vines. Terrific in sauces, either hot or cold; they can sometimes be difficult to buy. Easy to freeze--just peel and bag. Easy to grow, they often come up every year. Requires 120 days to produce fruit.

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