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-What is the hottest part of a chile?

-The hottest part of a chile is the placenta, centered inside just under the stem. It is the capsaicin factory, where the hot, spicy ingredient is manufactured.

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Jane Butel's Kitchen Essentials



Price: $20.00


A beautiful bright red apron, generously cut with adjustable neck strap, 2 large pockets and imprinted with the JB cooking school logo.  Quality cotton fabric with no-iron finish, that durably holds up through years of washing.  


Bizcochito Cutter

Bizccohito Cutter

Price: $2.50




Tapa/Comal, 14”

Tapa/Comal, 14”

Price: $45.00


 This flat, steel, stove-top griddle-like pan is a must for top of the range baking of tortillas, quesadillas or any grilled dish.


Avocado Slicer

Avacado Slicer

Price: $16.50




Aervana wine Aerator

Price: $99.98


First electric push-button wine aerator.  Used by professionals and in the home.  First designed to leave the wine sediments in the bottom of the bottle.  ELnhances all wine. Dispenses fully aerated wine directly to your glass. Aeration effectiveness is 6 times greater verses the competition. 

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