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 Jane's Corrales Kitchen

Jane's Corrales Kitchen


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Message From Jane

Happiest of Holidays from all of US!

Christmas TreePlanning for the  holidays this year reminds me of that adage—"the best laid plans oft gang aglee".  They really" jumped" on me despite  really working on getting a head start—ordering my cards ahead of time.  Working on my Christmas card mailing list to update right after last Christmas—with the list to be lost with the break down of my former computer.

But, oh well—onward and upward.   I think it is most worthwhile to count the blessings we have and plan wonderful times together to create golden memories for the future.
The holidays spell home  for me.  I went to Hawaii once for the holidays when my daughter was still a teenager.  It was very nice, but not quite the same as the decorated tree, the fun of making cookies and all the goodies of Christmas at home. Full Story

Recipes of the Month 

FudgeFAVORITE HOMEMADE FUDGE: I have always been told that this is the traditional  Dorothy Stover recipe of Russell Stover's chocolates.  My Mother was given this recipe years ago and now Nestle's sometimes prints the recipe on the bags of chocolate chips.  Good quality chocolate chips—I like the semi-sweet and unsalted butter make the best fudge.  I like to add coarsely chopped pecans and sprinkle with caribe chile. Full Recipe 

Gingerbread ManGINGERBREAD COOKIE DOUGH: This dough has a great flavor and is intended for cookies, not gingerbread houses.  They are quite flavorful .  You can make the dough days ahead and refrigerate for the greatest of ease in rolling out the dough.  The recipe can be doubled or tripled for more cookies. Full Recipe 

BUTTERCREAM ICING: This flavorful frosting is a basic for decorating cookies or even frosting a cake.  Make several bowls of the frosting and tint various colors.  Use a frosting gun for decorating as well as red hots, colored sugar and even chile flakes such as caribe.  (If you do not have a frosting gun, use a small plastic bag such as a sandwich bag, fill to desired level, then take a tiny snip off one corner and use for decorating.) Full Recipe 


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Hint:  Bake Christmas goodies as you have time so there will be no last minute rush!  You can make the dough one day and chill or freeze for later baking.

Tip:  Use your freezer for all its worth at the holidays.  Do always label with the date you prepared the food, what the food is and place the newest food behind the older ones so as to not lose food to being in the freezer for too long.  Good quality freezer weight bags and rigid containers are a must for keeping foods at their freshest best!

Happy New Year!
Chili Madness Book CoverI look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on my book tour, the cities are on my home page of the website



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