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 Chili Upside Down Pie

 Bacon Crumble Cornbread

 Crazy Chili Casserole 

 Frito Pie 



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 Our Last Weekend Class is April 16-18, 2010.  We have very few openings.  It is so beautiful here in the Spring and oh so fun to get away and cook up a fun bunch of chile laden recipes.  Register now so you can enjoy our chiles the rest of the year.

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March 2010

Message From Jane 

With the sun playing peek a boo with dark, heavy, snow-laden clouds, I am reminded that there is still some winter left.

With chilly weather, I just love to have tummy pleasing—hearty and healthy, spicy one dish meals.

Butels Bytes-Oct 2009Chili is so versatile, once you have made a pot—you can make countless delicious dinners and casseroles. For a while, casserole dishes were almost a dirty word—but no more, I think we all missed them too much. And, for busy days, a casserole really fits the bill.

You can make two and freeze one for a real vacation from cooking sometime in the future. To freeze casseroles and keep from having all of your favorite baking dishes in the freezer, follow these simple guidelines:

Lightly oil the baking dish.

Criss-cross pieces of foil, cut to be long  enough  to cover

over the top of the casserole.

Flash freeze and package in vapor proof packaging such as a large freezer bag or rigid container.

Date it and store for later dining. Most casserole dishes keep for at least 90 days.

I am sharing some of my all-time chile-laden casserole favorites with you this month, all from my new, 2nd edition of the Chili Madness book.



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2010 ClCalendarass Schedule

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