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Chilaquiles, Mayan Style

Carne Adobada


Nine Day Cole Slaw

Butterscotch Apple Crisp


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Jane's Message                                                                                                   October, 2016


Southwestern Kitchen book cover 2016Have you ordered the new version of “Jane Butel’s Southwestern Kitchen” which is totally revised and updated? Many of you have been asking for it. This exciting new book is being published this coming Tuesday, October 4 and is the first of a library of 8 cookbooks by of the books are being re-published And, my newest cookbook, “Simply Southwestern” is coming out November 22.  They are all being published by Turner Publishiing.

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 Tailgating takes on a whole new meaning here in Albuquerque, because it includes our world famous Balloon Fiesta. Of course we have sporting events, foliage tours, fishing and hunting--even the Santa Fe Opera, where elegant tailgating is the name of the game.

A popular and fun concept at the Balloon Fiesta is to have “Brunch on a Burner” parties using the burner from a hot air balloon. Actually, I think more folks probably use outdoor grills than the burners—but it is a fun idea.

Thinking about eating al fresco led me to sharing with you some of my favorite ideas to enjoy at your own tailgating events, no matter where you are.

Cool crisp air and spicy foods are wonderful together. With this spirit, I am sharing some of my favorites. For brunch events, Chilaquiles are a great make-ahead dish in which you can actually use any ingredients that you have on hand. I prefer the recipe as is with the chicken and ranchero sauce, but you could use any meat or no meat and other chile laden sauces or salsas and combine with the remaining ingredients.

Another idea is Carne Adovado, a favorite among  most all who try it and is great many different ways—as tacos, burritos or as a main dish with Posole. Once the carne is made, it just has to be kept warm and then served with corn and flour tortillas, grated cheese, pickled cole slaw (called Nine Day Cole Slaw) and chopped onion. If serving with posole, just prepare it and keep it warm in an insulated pot. (and to make carne and posole easier, I am placing caribe chile and posole  along with all the necessary ingredients on half price through the coming weekend or October 2, 2016.)

With apples in abundance, make your favorite apple dessert or serve fresh apples with a cheese plate. One of my favorites is to add candied ginger to the topping of an apple crisp—the recipe follows.

This is my favorite chilaquiles version which I got from the Executive Chef at the Melia Mayan resort in Cozumel where I ate them every morning I was there.


Weekend class, February 2010Come cook with us for the October 14-16 or the November 11-13 weekends. If you have been planning on coming to a weekend or coming back—we are going to be offering very few weekends in the future—so join us now. For complete menus for the weekend, click here. You can register online or by calling us at 1-505-243-2622. Many of the airlines have great, deep discounts on round trip airfares to Albuquerque.

Can’t make October, then we do have another weekend cooking class this year, November 11-13, 2016.   



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