Recipes for the Month

Chile Seared Salmon with Mango Salsa

Sweetheart Barbecued Chicken

Tamale Style Catfish

Grilled Corn and Spinach Enchiladas (pictured right)



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Jane's Message                                                                                        August 2016 

Spinach and Corn EnchiladasWe are planning to present our last week long class this August 22 – 26 and would love for any of you who said they always wanted to come, to come! We still have a few openings, so do register as soon as you can. I am extending our half price offer for 3 more days.

We plan to present the fall classes we have posted for September, October and November. It is with somewhat of a sad heart I tell you this, as I always really enjoyed presenting the week long and weekend classes, which I started back in 1983 and the weekend classes a year later in our Woodstock, NY home.

Southwestern Kitchen book cover 2016Editing my 8 cookbooks for re-publication plus additional writing is putting a real “squeeze” on my time. I hope you will order the new edition of “Jane Butel’s Southwestern Kitchen” due to be published October 4, 2016 as well as my new book, “Simply Southwestern” to be published November 22, 2016. For those who pre-order, we will be sending an autographed label to place in the book. (You will have to tell us that you pre-ordered. ) Pre-ordering helps us with our ratings, so I will greatly appreciate your doing so.   


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For the last three weekends of the year—September 16-18, October 14-16 and November 11-13--we are featuring our special half-price discount of just $525.00 for the entire 3 cooking sessions until August 8 …that’s one half off our regular price of $1050.

The weekend class is divided into three full participation cooking sessions, covering salsas, appetizers, Perfect Margaritas, homemade tortillas (both corn and flour), carne adobado, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, sopaipillas, chile rellenos, flan and much, much more.

For complete menus and to register, check our website or call for further details at 505-243-2622 or 1-800-473-8226.

If you only want one of the single sessions, they are available for $175.00 each. 

August Weeklong class

My Final award winning week long class is August 22-26. I still have a few openings andthey are  on half price until August 3, 2016. I would love to cook with you and hope you can join this last class!  You will learn to make Southwestern and Regional Mexican specialties—work with chiles, corn and all manner of fresh vegetables. We will make Chiles en Nogada, Tres Leches Cake, Moles, Salsas, Special Stews such as the famed Green Chile Stew, Indian Bear Paw Bread, Red Chile Beef Tamales and much, much more.

Red Chile Sale Extended

All of our red chiles, even chipotles are on sale for 25% off to add to your summer barbecues, grilling and all around pleasure. We are extending the offer until August 8, 2016.



 Register online or call me at 505-243-2622.