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Recipes for the Month



Fava Bean and Arugula

Caprese Topping 

Pesto with Sun-Dried Tomato

Fruit Bruschetta  

Sumptious Side Dishes

Frijoles Slaw

Jicama Veggie Slaw

Quinoa with Cumin

Black Bean Chipotle Salad

Chile Vinaigrette

Cilantro Vinaigrette


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                                                                    July, 2016

bbq1-July 2009 Cooking clubIn the heat of summer, grilling promises a great escape from keeping the heat in the kitchen. Also lighter cooking is always a great idea, so I have included some favorite Bruschetta appetizer toppings and healthy, tasty, low calorie side dishes for your cookouts.

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Bruschettas can be made with most any kind of topping from salsas to refried beans and meats or cheeses with chopped fruits or vegetables.

Having a large bumper crop of the Spicy Southwestern Arugula this year, I have done quite a bit of experimenting with it. A favorite is mashed fava beans with arugula. Other favorites are a Caprese combination of mozzarella cheese with fresh tomatoes and basil and a garlicky vinaigrette sparingly drizzled over all. Pestos are good with chopped sun dried or fresh tomatoes. Fresh fruit in season chopped and flavored with mint and or a honey topping on goat cheese is great fun too.

I am giving you a basic recipe which you can vary to suit what toppings you like.

Sumptuous Side Dishes for Summer

Instead of the same old, same old potato salad, baked beans and cole slaw, I am sharing some  favorite side dishes which are a bit different.  The Frijoles Slaw is much lighter than the heavier mayonnaise and cream laden traditional slaw.  So is the Jicama Slaw, which has a light, chile-lime vinaigrette dressing.

Quinoa, which was once rather exotic provides a delicious and healthy side dish.  The somewhat crunchy texture is adelicious diversion to all the somewhat softer textured dishes.  The Black Bean Chipotle Salad is just plain wonderful with any kind of barbecue, chili or grilled meat. 


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A Health Note


Seeing Food

I think we often take our ability to see and read for granted.

However, when someone close to you is diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, I think we all “listen up” a lot more.

I know that has happened to me several times in the past few years, so when I read a recent story in the Nutrition Action Health Letter which I have recommended to you all a few times over the years, had a story on the importance of diet to sight—I am passing along the good advice.

Aging is the worst risk factor, but since we can’t help that; the best help for good sight is “what you eat may protect your eyes. And high-dose vitamins plus zinc can slow macular degeneration in one out of four people who have the disease,” according to the Health Letter.

“Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and don’t smoke or gain a lot of weight,” says Dr. Frederick Ferris III, director of the National Eye Instiutute’s Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Research in Bethesda, Maryland. “That may not only lower your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, but heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.”

Southwestern and Mexican food play greatly into this healthy habit as these diets are some of the healthiest in the world and often thought to be the most sustainable!

Order our fresh pure chiles for great chili, barbecue and summer fun. Remember—lots of red chile in a dish gives it greater keeping quality—as red chile is the world’s best antioxidant.

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