Recipes for the Month

Chiltomate Salsa

Crema de Elote Sopa


Arroz con Platanos




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Jane's Message                                   May, 2016

Pink flowers-mothers dayLet’s celebrate!! May is the perfect month with plenty to celebrate. With nature all aglow with brightly colored flowers sprinkled all about, making for a happy setting for entertaining…it is easy to get into the special spirit of the month. Creating festive parties and dinners at home is so much more special than going to restaurants, which get so crowded at holiday times. And it is fun for you, the host or hostess when you stage the cooking and preparation so that there is no last minute rush. The dishes in this month’s menu are easy to cook when you have the time, and then heating for serving.

We kick the month off with Cinco de Mayo, followed two days later with the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day the next day, plus graduation parties and bridal showers.

This month’s menu is delicious any time and features celebration dishes from our southern neighbor, Mexico.

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