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Navajo Green Chile Stew

Green Chile Chicken Open Faced or Rolled Enchiladas

Green Chile-Crusted Southwestern Quiche

Roasting Green Chiles

Galette Pastry 



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Jane's Message                               September, 2014

Green Chile Chicken EnchiladasNew Mexico’s famed green chile season is filling the air with the most delightful and delectable aroma—emanating from roasters roasting chiles at nearly every food and produce stand. (Pictured, Green Chile Open Faced Enchilada)

Chile roasters are made by putting a blow torch under a rotating mesh bin containing the chiles. This is not my favorite method for roasting , but it certainly is easier than doing it yourself. However, the time you save by not roasting them yourself, you can easily waste when you get ready to use the frozen blackened chiles which are often frozen in a mass and the peel is in tiny blackened pieces instead of a blackened entire outside skin. (See my roasting instructions—it is actually great fun roasting the chiles on the grill yourself.) Also, you may want to check out my Youtube on roasting green chiles.

I thought you all would greatly appreciate some of my very favorite green chile recipes, such as Green Chile Stew, Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, Green Chile Crusted Southwestern Quiche as well as the best way to roast green chiles. Green chiles have a tough skin that needs roasting or parching to crisp it so that peeling it off is possible.

I have been so busy every spare moment preparing beautiful, juicy Elberta Hale Peaches from my tree for freezing. One of my favorite desserts in a Gallete made with a special buttery pastry and those peaches. I am enclosing that pastry recipe this month. (Last month I shared my favorite and simplest way to prepare peaches for the freezer.) Serve it with vanilla ice cream for a very special treat.

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