Message from Jane

Recipes of the Month
    Pollo En Cachuate

    Chorizo and Pinon Nut-   
Stuffed Loin of Pork

    Gordon's Irish Pot 

    Legumebres En Pipian
    Oaxaca Style

    Spinach and Corn 

Cookbook of the Month


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March 2009

Message From Jane

potroastMarch has always been for me, a month of enjoying the last long cool evenings of the season and the thrill and excitement of looking forward to some of my favorite things-gardening, cooking long simmering main dishes before the heat of summer, cleaning out the debris of winter and anticipating special summer getaways and plans.

In the "now of March", enjoying great times in March surely includes St. Patrick's Day and all the wondrous green food and drink. This year the greenest I am going to get is with perhaps some green chiles. Full Story


Recipes of the Month 

POLLO EN CACHUATE: This richly flavored sauce is somewhat reminiscent of Indian curry. The dish is wonderful served with any kind of rice dish. I particularly like the Arroz con Platanos or rice with plantains or rice with any kind of beans added. Any leftovers make wonderful soft tacos. Just roll the filling in warm, fresh corn tortillas. Full Recipe 

CHORIZO AND PINON NUT-STUFFED LOIN OF PORK: Glorious to behold! The red-hued, chile-laden chorizo (Mexican sausage) rolled inside the silken pink -white of the pork roast-crusty with a jalapeno jelly glaze-makes for an inimitably elegant entrée. Full Recipe  

GORDON'S IRISH POT ROAST: Rubs have long been popular in Texas. They impart flavor and are easily applied. Brisket is very easy to cook this way and becomes quite juicy. Gordon McMeen, my husband, a third-generation Texas partially raised in New Mexico, has been roasting these for family and friends for the last thirty years. He estimates that he has cooked "at least a million pounds for church and school groups." (That of course is true, Texas brag.) Full Recipe 

LEGUMEBRES EN PIPIAN, OAXACA STYLE (Vegetables in Oaxacan Pumpkin See Sauce): Steamed vegetables, usually green ones are frequently served with Green Pipian Sauce, a delightfully spiced sauce thickened with ground, green pumpkin seeds. Sometimes the vegetables are cooked with epazote or avocado leaf to lend a slightly anise flavor or a small amount of ground anise can be used if desired when steaming the vegetables.. Full Recipe 

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February Highlights

On Friday, February 13, I landed at the Mobile, Alabama airport inFairhope1 drenching rain-getting soaked to the bone, trying to figure out the locking system on my rental car. Once ensconced in the car, I made my way to Daphne to spend the night awaiting the Fabulous Chili for Charity Contest. 
                                                     Fairhope, AL Chili For Charity

It is a huge event and the skies cleared just in time to make it really a hoot. Note the rocketing bull behind our book display. The bookstore, Page and Pallete, a genuine treasure of a store hosted the stall where my Chili Madness signing was-perfectly stationed right as everyone entered.

If you haven't heard about Fair Hope, you must check it out sometime. It is a treasure of a little city perfectly perched next to the Gulf with beautiful, colored flowers everywhere-from magnolias to azaleas and all the spring pretties-tulips, daffodils and the like. And the homes seem to reflect the happy owners who kept them well manicured.

Fairhope2On to Atlanta, where I had a really great two days. I had dinner at Nava in Buckhead Sunday night, which was delicious as always-it is a contemporary Southwestern or New Mexican style restaurant, so I felt right at home. Monday, the highlights were filming a 15 minute special TV feature on bowl o red with fixin's and mixin's and blue corn parfait bread and then on to do a fun cooking class featuring the same foods plus margarita pie, deep chocolate Farmer's cakes and more. It was truly great that Barbara Booth a week long alumni and fellow K-State came as well as Laura Chesney, a weekend alumi, who also travelled to Mexico with me twice for the Oaxaca and the Colonial Cities tours. It was great fun catching up on each other's lives.

Only A Few Spaces Remain for Oaxaca

Oaxaca has always been Oaxaca cooking2one of my favorite places for a delicious foodie time amidst beautiful and historic surroundings. You really should join us this year June 2 through 8 for three full participation cooking classes, market tours, a visit to super historic Monte Alban, plus visits to special pottery and colorful wood carving villages.


Fresh Garlic
always tastes best. To make mincing garlic easier, place a small amount of salt on the cutting board and stroke both sides of the knife blade in the salt to keep the garlic from "climbing" the sides of the knife.

Full freezer is cheaper to operate. Keeping a freezer full, means the energy costs are less. Did you know that keeping all your chiles, herbs and spices such as cumin keep much longer frozen?

Upcoming events

fairhope3This month, I will be sticking closer to home. While I loved seeing so many old and new friends, it is honestly great to have a less hectic schedule. I will be doing book signings and tastings on March 24 at the Albuquerque Public Library close to Lomas NE and Tramway NE at 908 Eastridge NE. This event is free, but seating is limited to 35. For reservations, call 505-291-6295.


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