Recipes for the Month

   Aztec Pork Chops

   Salmon with  Pesto

   Roasted Butternut          Squash Risotto


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February 2010

Message From Jane 

Can you believe it? One month is already gone. February is always a month of great ups and downs—the ups of Valentines Day, the big football game—Super Bowl—if you are into it, winter sports and a three day weekend…President’s Day Weekend. The downs are one more month of cold, galoshes, heavy coats and outer garments and slogging around in ice, snow and mess for another month.

Being a life-long romanticist as well as a lover of sports and the out of doors—there is plenty to be happy about in February. I always think cooking up a delicious and beautiful meal and setting a gorgeous table makes for a great time and is definitely a mood lifter.

You know, speaking about setting a table reminds me of how many times, people who are so well versed in manners, impeccably dressed and well spoken do not know how to set a table. I don’t want to hurt any feelings here—just share what is the Gold Standard of table setting.

Always set all items for the setting, 1 inch from the edge of the table. Starting from the right—place the spoon, next the knife with the cutting edge toward the plate, a space for the plate then the dinner fork and salad fork. If a dessert is being served, the utensil can go across the top of the plate or if a spoon is required, a second spoon is added. If a dessert fork is needed, it would go to the inside of the dinner fork, closest to the plate. Voila, there you have it.

I always enjoy a fine dinner for romance at home. It is definitely more relaxing than braving the huge rush of the Valentine’s Day crowds. Since Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, you can spend as long as you wish preparing the meal or if you would rather prepare it quickly—I am giving you a couple of favorite entrees—one for pork, another for salmon and a favorite vegetarian risotto.   (continued)



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