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            Butels Bytes-Oct 2009


Future Events:

Free Cooking   
Demonstration at the 
Balloon Fiesta, October 7
at 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the Balloon Museum. I will be demonstrating sopaipillas, chile rellenos and salsa fresco.

The Alegria Home Owners Association has scheduled us for a special “Holidays in New Mexico” class on November 10 at 5 PM. Those attending will participate in a Tamale Roll, plus learn the hints and tips for Posole, Bizcochitos, Red Chile Sauce and Guacamole.


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October 2009

Message From Jane 


What are your favorite fall memories? Is it the taste of a crisp,Butels Bytes-Oct 2009 juicy apple? Or, is it the cooler mornings and evenings? Or, gorgeous foliage brilliantly coloring the horizons? Or, memories of more hearty foods? Or, all of the above? For, me I love fall for the ultimate beauty and the urge to return to the kitchen nearly full time to prepare long simmering and roasting delights. And to start baking yummy desserts for all to munch on and enjoy.

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Monthly Recipes


Butels Bytes-Oct 2009BLUE HEAVEN CHILI: Blue cheese is an unlikely ingredient in conventional chili, although other types of cheese have long been chili “tamer downers” and a favorite fixin’ and mixin’. Since I have always really liked blue cheese in any form, I decided to see if it’s wonderful flavor would give a great-tasting “edge” to chili—and it sure does. Try it!
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CORN AND BACON CHOWDER-CHILI: The smoky flavor of bacon adds character to almost any chili, soup, or stew, and here, paired with corn and potatoes, it makes this chili extra-special. For a veggie version, simply skip the bacon, use 3 Tablespoons olive or vegetable oil to sauté the vegetables, and add a drop or two of liquid smoke.
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 Butels Bytes-Oct 2009

MEXICAN TORTILLA CHILI: Similar to tortilla soup, this spicy veggie chili is delicious. It is made in the Mexican style, whereby the vegetables are grilled prior to being added to the soup--the grilled veggies have deeper, more mellow flavor than their raw counterparts. The soup is made in two parts: the flavorful broth is prepared first and then poured over the vegetables.
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For dessert, what better than cup cakes? Try the Double Chocolate Farmer’s Cakes for a real treat. They are rich and creamy on the inside and don’t need frosting. Their rich, moist quality makes them just perfect after spicy chili.


FARMER’S CAKES: These fudgy deserts are just wonderful! They are like chocolate cupcakes with a creamy center—and they’re always a big hit. They were most likely named after Fannie Farmer, one of the first famous American cookbook authors. Although they keep well in the refrigerator and even in the freezer, they’re best served warm; cover with aluminum foil and heat at 350 F for 5 to 8 minutes.
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Have you taken advantage of our first month free for the Cooking Club? Just check it out. This month we are featuring a Balloon Launch Brunch, perfect for any brunch or lunch anytime of the year whether indoors or out. It is just very special watching the balloons take off. We include Sunrise Sippers, Blue Corn Crepes with Green Chile Scrambled Eggs, Sauced with a velvety, flavorful Blue Cheese Sauce, the best Fresh Lemon Honey Mustard Dressing over Baby Greens and a yummy Fresh Pear sweet potato soup_320.jpgBreakfast Cake.


We are also featuring Dollar Stretching Main Dish ideas, recipes for a collection of beautiful and fabulously flavored Burritos and Fast, Spicy Fall Soups.


In addition to how to videos, recipes, the wonderful planning, health and budget features—you get discounts and freebies.

In sum, each month the Cooking Club offers

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Butels Bytes-Oct 2009Our weekend cooking schools are a real blast! I really love doing them.

For the last two weekends of the year—October 9-11 and November 13-15, we are featuring our special half-price recession discount of just $525.00 for the entire 3 cooking sessions.…that’s one half off our regular price of $1050. We have only a few openings left! I would just love for you to come cook with me this fall.


The weekend class is divided into three full participation cooking sessions, covering salsas, appetizers, the Perfect Margarita, tamales, sopaipillas, chile rellenos, flan and much, much more.


For complete menus and to register, check our website or call for further details at 505-243-2622 or 1-800-473-8226.


If you only want one of the single sessions, they are available for $350.00 each.