Resolve to Eat More Chiles

Developing a chile habit is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself! What happens when one eats chiles is that the capsaicin within the chile fires one's endorphins at a direct proportion to the heat or Scoville units within the chiles. Endorphins are what produce a sense of well-being or runner's high--rather an euphoric feeling.

Chiles are the primary food that one can eat to produce this rush! Chocolate excites the endorphins, but not to nearly as great an extent. The other methods one can get an endorphin rush are basically through physical activity such as sports, running, exercise, yoga and sex.  For more information, get a copy of Real Women Eat Chiles at

The benefit you receive from eating chiles coupled with a balanced diet and a moderate amount of exercise is that weight loss or at the least, maintenance is assured. You will not be as hungry when you eat spicy and will also eat less. I find all this truly fascinating.

Chiles also act to reduce stress, reduce facial wrinkles, increase heart health, assist with digestion and circulation and have been known to cure endless amounts of physical ailments. It is so much fun to study chiles. I highly suggest that you begin the chile-a-day habit and then come cook with us during our weekend or weeklong or online cooking schools.  For more information and to register go to

To select chiles for cooking, if you are searching for milder chiles, always select ones that have broad shoulders and blunt tips—conversely, select chiles with pointed tips and narrow shoulders for hotter dishes.  This is important because you can have up to 35 different piquancies on one plant at a time.

If you are sensitive to the “bite” of chiles—the stinging sensation that comes from touching them—always try to not touch the inside of the chiles when you are working with them—handling by the stem and touching the outside skin.  If that seems impossible, wear rubber gloves or generously grease your fingers with any kind of shortening—even the spray on helps.

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