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Chili Up for the Big Game--Free Shipping Until Monday Midnight

By Jane Butel  January 26, 2018

Chili is just so perfectly American and a great dish for parties, meals and snacks.  And so versatile--you can create all kinds of casseroles as well as use it for a topping for cornbread, hot dogs  and baked  potatoes--you name it.  

Pure ground chiles and fresh cumin from Pecos Valley Spice Co. are just the ticket  for the very best chili.  Did you know that the usual formula for chili powder packaged by the big spice companies is 40% chile, 40% salt and 20%  flavorings and additives.  Another fact is that salt is a desiccate, or a drying    agent--and acts to dry out the other ingredients it is mixed with, making them get stale--even rancid.

We want to help you out--and are offering a weekend special, good until Monday, January  29, 2018 of free shipping on any of our pure, highest quality chiles  and fresh cumin.  we always ship them with our favorite 2 recipes--of Bowl o Red chili and Red Chile Sauce, which is perfect for creating enchiladas or saucing tamales and such.

To get it ALL, order our Chili Madness Gift Box and you will get the cookbook, DVD plus all the ingredients for many, many yummy chili meals.  We will ship this free also until Monday, midnight.  It makes a great hostess gift if you are so lucky to be invited to the big  game watching party.

Following are two chili recipe for you to try--

Chili Tacos

Some say the word “taco” comes from tago, Mexican slang for “take it and go.” Tacos started as a children’s snack in Northern Mexico, a long time ago. In that desperately dry area, where food was always scarce, Mexican mothers began serving the first tortillas they made to their hungry children to keep the children’s hands full and leave the mothers free to get the rest of the meal prepared. You see corn tortillas were always the first item made to begin meal preparation, so the aromas would arouse their children. Then the mothers began to fill the fresh tortillas with any available leftovers, such as beans or cheese and the taco as we know it was born.

Yield: Serves 4

8 fresh corn tortillas (for soft tacos) or taco shells (for crispy tacos)

2 cups thick chili, such as Bowl o‘ Red, or Reno Red, reheated

1 cup thinly shredded cabbage

1/2 cup sour cream or grated cheese, such as sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack or Mexican Queso Blanco

2 fresh limes, halved

1/2 cup salsa, or more to taste, for serving

1.If using the fresh corn tortillas, place a griddle, comal, or skillet over medium-high heat and warm each tortilla briefly, flipping the tortillas as soon as they start to blister, about 3 seconds. Wrap the heated tortillas in a clean dishtowel to keep warm. If using crisp taco shells, place them in a 300 F oven until just warm, about 8 to 10 minutes. 

2. Spoon 1/4 cup chili into each warmed tortilla or taco shell, and top each with 2 Tablespoons of the shredded cabbage and 1 Tablespoon each of the sour cream or cheese. Serve each taco with a lime half and pass the salsa at the table.

Reprinted with permission from Chili Madness, 2nd edition.

Chipotle Chili

This chili is for serious hot chili lovers, who like the smokiness of Chipotles. Chipotles always add a smokey richness that is truly habit forming! I much prefer to  use our chipotle powder ground from the traditional chipotles as they are much smokier and authentic tasting. (Traditional chipotles are made by long, slow smoking in banana leaves.)

Yield: 6 to 8 servings

1 Tablespoon bacon drippings
2 large onions, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
3 pounds beef chuck, cut in ½ inch cubes with some fat left in
½ cup ground pure, hot chile
2 teaspoons chipotle powder
2 Tablespoons ground cumin, divided
¼ cup dry red wine

1. In a large pot, melt the bacon drippings. When hot, add the onion and cook until they are clear and starting to brown. Remove from heat and stir in garlic and meat. Then add the chiles, half the cumin and water to cover by one inch.

2. Bring to a high heat and when just starting to bubble, reduce to a low heat and simmer for two to three hours. Simmer until very tender and the flavors are blended. Add remaining cumin and wine and cook briefly. Taste and adjust seasonings and serve with fixin’s ‘n mixin’s of sour cream with lime wedges, shredded Monterey Jack cheese and chopped onion.



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