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Check Out Your Chiles

By Jane Butel  April 7, 2017

Did you know that if chiles are NOT kept cold, they can turn white in sunlight and at least fade quite a bit.  And, worst of all when the color goes, so does the nutrtition.  When green chiles turn red, the starches for the most part within the chiles turn to oils and the primary nutrition changes from being Vitamin C in green chiles to predominantly vitamin A in red chiles--an oil born vitamin.

With the oil content in the red chiles, when kept in a warm place, the oils will eventually rancidify.  This is especially so if the chiles are in a combined spice mix such as chili powder or any spice mix.  Salt is a dessicate, meaning that it dries out whatever is around it and then ushers in rancidification.

Also, another hint for storing chile powders--store them in glass for greatest keeping quality.  Glass does not "breathe" like plastic bags do.  Actually chiles eventually will weaken and cause the plastic to eventually have holes and break at the seams, so do transfer the chiles you get in bags, whether plastic or cellphane to glass jars.  The French preserving jars are particularly nice as they have the pop up lid mounted with wire and are easier to open and close.

Check your chile supply and if they are not absolutely fresh, it will be a good time to order from us next week.  Every order of $25.00 or more of our products will get a free 2 ounce sample of our mild or hot chile.  You must tell us which you prefer--mild or hot. 

 With barbecue season as well as chili cookoffs, it is a good time to stock up.  Also,  chiles and spices are a great taste treat after too much sweet Easter candies and foods.

Plan a great get away for the weekend of April 21-23.  We have had some last minute cancellations, so there is room for a few more students in our famous weekend cooking school where we feature full hands-on participation cooking of tradtional and innovative New Mexican and Southwestern dishes.  Instead of our full price of $1050 for the weekend or $350 for each of the three classes, we are offering the weekend at $300.00 for the entire weekend or $100 for each session.  This session will be taught in my Corrales, New Mexico kitchen.   Corrales is beautiful now with blossoms all over the trees and in the yards, making a great contrast against our rustic adobe homes and stores.  Corrales is ver historic, dating from the earliest of times--home to quite probably the very first culinary in all of the Americas.

Have a fun filled weekend and check out your chile supply and your calendar for the weekend of April 21-23, 2017.





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