To All Returning Customers, I am so glad to see you back!

To make your check out easiest please be prepared with your password to access your existing account with us. You will be asked to log in to your existing account with your current password before you can complete your purchase. If you are not sure what you password is, please click on the appropriate link on the next page, after you click on the Proceed to Checkout button below, and let the website system send you the necessary information via email. This typically only takes 1-2 minutes to get you the information in your email inbox.

Please leave your shopping cart browser window open and use a new browser window or tab to check your email. Once you’ve got your password from the sysetm email, please come back to the shopping cart window and complete your transaction in our shopping cart by entering in your re-set password and filling out the rest of the form as needed.

Please note, if you click the How do I know if I have an Account or the I forgot my password link, the system will re-set your password to a temporary password for you to use, its important to note this will void any of your previous passwords for this account, however there is a link in the email sent to you where you can log in and set your password to something you will remember for future visits. However it’s best if you do this step AFTER you complete your current transaction, so you will be able to go through check out quickly and not loose your item selections.

If you are a new customer we are happy to have you! Please note you will be creating an account as you checkout, so this is not an issue, however, do please save any passwords sent to you via email for future use!

Thanks so much, Jane Butel

P.S. You may close this tab or window to get back to your cart.