As a break from the hearty bean, cheese and jalapeno flavors, these are a refreshing alternative. Most any firm fruit, such as nectarines, grapes, apples, kiwi, strawberries or nectarines are delicious.

Yield: 4 servings

Oven Temperature: 425 F

Baking time: 10 minutes, about

4 corn tortillas, quartered and baked

4 Tablespoons or about one-half package cream cheese

½ cup fresh fruit, thinly sliced or more if desired

½ fresh lime, juiced

¼ teaspoon crushed pequin chile

Honey, optional, see note

Cinnamon, optional see note

  1. Preheat the oven to 425 F. Place the tortillas on a baking sheet, then place a smaller baking sheet on top of them. (This makes them flat.) Bake five minutes, then remove the top baking sheet. Continue to bake until crisp, about 5 more minutes.

  1. Spread the cream cheese evenly over the tortillas. Toss the prepared fruit in the lime juice, then arrange on the cheese in an artistic fashion. Sprinkle with the Pequin. See note below.

Note: If desired, the fruit can be drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.