September Song --

by Jane Butelâ„¢

Customers at the Wooden Cow Gallery and myself, Sept. 3, 2010September has just been amazing!  I can hardly believe it is almost history, but it is.  I wonder how many of you feel that way.

Mostly, I have loved every minute of it--but there have definitely been moments..such as the melancholy over closing down the spice business in its present warehouse and partnership arrangement.  I know change is good and I am hoping we will come out of this much stronger and better--I sure want to.  If you are reading this today, order NOW, because we are closing after September 30.

On a happier note--I really enjoyed seeing so many wonderful  people at the 2 book signings I did in the Albuquerque area.  On September 3, I signed books and greeted tons of people at the opening of a new art show at the Wooden Cow Gallery--a great cooperative gallery with a wide range of creative, artistic and lovely items from the predictable paintings to clothing and jewelry--and even sculpture.  It is located on Montgomery in the Mossman Center on the south side above Louisiana--quite worth the trip.  For the signing, I made carnitas with homemade Salsa Rojo and Salsa Verde.  They were gone long before the party ended--and I made 10 pounds of them. 

The other book signing I did was at the Cottonwood Dillards in the Home Furnishingsdepartment.  Here we made Chorizo Quesadillas with all the trimmings and met lots of wonderful and interested folks.  I look forward to staying in touch with all the new friends.

If you haven't signed up for my Butel's Bytes, please do so--this month we will be featuring several types of chili and the dishes to go with them.  Also,  my new Chili Madness book will be on sale at a discounted, great price.  To subscribe, just go to the home page of my website at

I promise next month, I will try to get more blogs out!