Sizzlin' Southwest Workshops at K- State on Chiles and Tamales

by Jane Butelâ„¢

Alumni, friends, students and staff each got an opportunity to taste "honest to God chili"--the Bowl of Red, with fixins' 'n mixin's and Blue Corn Parfait Bread complemented by Cilantro Cole Slaw and Virgin Margaritas.  Even though Kansas is not far from New Mexico--the nuances, flavors and benefits of chiles were just not known.

Jane Giving K-State Chile DemonstrationA few members of the crowd had heard the "chile gospel"--how good chiles are for your health and well being, but most had not.  I am always pleased to see how people who are almost totally afraid of chiles, once they have tasted our pure fresh Pecos Valley Spice Co chiles, almost always become converts.

And not surprising, when you couple the fresh flavors of pure chiles with the knowledge of how helpful they are to your body in preventing disease and maintaining well being.  I always recall the study which revealed that those who ate chiles at least 24 days out of 30 had so uch better health and most had no stress induced disease.

Jane giving class 

Tamale Making Demonstration at KSU2.25.10Tamale rolling was tremendously popular with the crowd.  Due to physical limitations--only a limited number could take each of the classes and each class was sold out. Here you can see some of the fun that was had by all.

You may ask, why K-State?  K-State is my alma mater and I am a third generation graduate Home Economist from K State--though the name of the major has changed several times---when my Grandmother graduated, her degree was called  a Bachelor of Science in Domestic Science, and when my Mother and I graduated, it was called Home Economics--now Human Ecology.


                                                                                                                                 Tamale Making Demonstration

Virgin Margaritas at KSU 2.25.10I was very honored, while there, to be selected by a joint decision of the Deans of the Hale Library (at K-State) and the Dean of Human Ecology to be the third ever Home Economics graduate  to have her works selected for the Permanent Collection of the Library.  So soon, I will be boxing up tons of files to be housed there.

Happy Easter,  Jane

Virgin Margaritas