May Is Getting Off To A Bang

by Jane Butelâ„¢

In addition to celebrating Cinco de Mayo and perfecting all the recipes for this month's Cooking Club, we also had a great time watching the Kentucky Derby, particularly interesting since the winning horse was such a long shot and from here in New Mexico.

Linda/JaneDo you ever watch the Kentucky Derby? Growing up partly on a Kansas farm endeared me to horses and watching them race has always been a super high.  After living in Louisville, Kentucky while managing the General Electric-Hotpoint Consumer marketing department, I have never missed a Derby on television.

I don't know whether you like horses or bourbon or even house parties, but if you like even one of them--the Derby has always created a focus for a fun, fun party.  Living now in New Mexico, I find my friends never turn me down for a Derby watching party.  It was super fun this year--Julie Roberts brought her big hat, a dozen beautiful pink edged white roses and a fine bottle of local San Geovasie wine.  Linda Brown joined in the fun and here's what we looked like.

I thought perhaps you would enjoy the recipe for great Mint Juleps.  Of Julie/Janecourse it helps to have silver julep cups (which I managed to collect while in Kentucky), but it isn't critically necessary.   At least 3 hours or more ahead of time, make sugar syrup by boiling 2 cups water, and stirring in 3 cups granulated sugar when it boils.  Stir until it dissolves.  About 30 minutes before you wish to serve the juleps, collect fresh mint or purchase ahead of time.  Using a blender, combine a cup of the syrup with 4 to 6 sprigs of mint and blend to make a puree. 

For each julep. fill glass or silver cup with crushed ice.  Add 1 jigger of mint-sugar puree, then 2 jiggers of Maker's Mark bourbon.  Stab  a fresh stalk of mint you have crushed into powdered sugar in top of glass or cup and serve with a straw---enjoy and watch the race!