Barbecued Ribs

1. Purchase meaty ribs, I like them with the bone in and St. Louis cut, or baby back as they are the cut that is closest to the spine and meatier and more juicy and tender. Either prepare your own sauce or use a favorite purchased one. My favorite sauce recipe follows.

2. Using a rub, lightly rub the mixture on all sides of the ribs. This sets the flavor for the ribs. We have our rub on special 2 for 1 right now! Check it out at

3. Preheat your grill to about 425 to 450 F. When hot, place the ribs meaty side down for about 5 minutes for each side. Then reduce the heat to about 250 to 300 F and grill for 20 minutes on each side. (If your grill is difficult to reduce the heat on—remove the ribs while heat is lowering.)

4. Then using a pastry brush, brush the sauce on the ribs and slow grill, using the the 250 to 300 F temperature for another 10 minutes or more on each side. Ribs are at their best at 160 F internal temperature. Do not overcook as they will be tough and dry.

5. Cut into portions and serve immediately with more sauce.

Note: If you have leftovers, you may refrigerate for a few days and heat in a 300 F oven, covered, for 15 minutes. Or, you may freeze them in moisture-vapor-proof packaging for up to 6 months. Reheat from frozen for about 30 minutes covered in a 300F oven.

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