Recipes for the Month

    Chickie Veggie Chili

    Chipotle Chili

    Blue Heaven Chili

    Clam and Green Chile

    Texas Style Tamale

    Baked Potatoes
    Topped with Red      
    Chili and Fixin's
    'n Mixin's

    Red Chili Quick Pizza



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My “Quick and Easy Cookbook” feature s almost 250 pages of very easy, nutritious recipes you can make in 20 minutes or less with super market ingredients. With the benefits of consistently eating chiles, you will be amazed how easy it is to lose as well as maintain weight.

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January 2010

Message From Jane 

Ah, the beginning of another New Year!!! Here’s to a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

It’s a great time to be adding more spice to your life….especially chiles. Chiles are so good for you and with the cold weather, chiles warm us up, assist in preventing and curing colds and overall help our health.

Chiles add sparkle and dash to your favorite family recipes. Ever Chili Madness smaller home pagetry adding chipotles or hot red or green chiles to your favorite Mac and Cheese or to your meat loaf? (When I first moved back to Albuquerque, NM in 1993, my Tortilla Meatloaf on Salsa won the best of Albuquerque contest staged by the local CBS TV affiliate with restaurants featuring meat loaf!)

Chiles are great in greens or any other vegetables. And chili is such a fun food—chili con carne that is. Like stew--once made, you can create so many other curtain calls with chili. I have tons of delicious recipes for chili encores in my new Chili Madness that if you haven’t checked them out—I invite you to do so!! And, I am making it easy!! My new Chili Madness instead of $12.95 will be only $10.00 when you add it to an order of $25.00 or more of our spice company products.


NOW--you are assured of continuing to get our pure chiles and ingredients.

I am so pleased that my spice business is now going to be expanding and starting an exciting new chapter. We are planning to be bringing back our popular pure mixes and kits and introducing ever more new items. So keep our spice business in your favorites (for now it is under products at and check on the specials, news and fun to know tips we are going to be adding constantly.

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2010 ClCalendarass Schedule

Click above link to see which weekend class fits best with your schedule. They are a ton of fun—so much so that we have several who have come back three and four times. Get in on the fun and schedule your class today!


Northern New Mexico Tour—

We have finalized the tour dates to be for the glorious golden days of fall in New Mexico. We will tour October 11 – 22. You will not believe how magical our Land of Enchantment becomes in the fall. Purply golden skies offset the golden aspens in the mountains and cottonwoods dotting most everywhere else.

We will be staying in some fabulous inns, dining deliciously and learning to make specialties of the casa.

You can make your reservation on-line very soon. In a few days we will be sending you all the final, wonderful itinerary.


Four Resolutions to Make for your New Years Diet can add measurably to your health:

Eat chiles and other major anti-oxidants – Lots of research indicates that eating chiles, spinach, broccoli, pomegranates, dark chocolate garlic, onions, tea, coffee, grapes, wine and turmeric cut disease risk. Eat at least five or more servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY DAY.

Eat fish oil for heart health, cutting risk of Alzheimer’s, inflammation, asthma, cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, lung and skin problems.

Control blood sugar by eating low glycemic foods that don’t spike your blood sugar. This will help avoid diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s cancer and obesity. The worst are sugar ladened breakfast cereals, pastries and sweets containing white flour. The best to eat are legumes such as peanuts, oatmeal—not the instant kind, lemons, limes vinegar and cinnamon. For more information, go to the

Eat smaller portions, especially if not active. Exercise as often as possible, even walking is good.

Following are some of my favorite chili recipes—perfect for this time of year. They are easy on your schedule—you make a big batch and reserve for later meals. Chili keeps amazingly well in the freezer. And easy on your pocket book too!

Chickie Veggie Chili

Chipotle Chili

Blue Heaven Chili

Clam and Green Chile Chili

Texas Style Tamale Pie

Baked Potatoes Topped with Red Chili and Fixin’s ‘n Mixin’s

Red Chili Quick Pizza