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Chile Beef Taco Filling

Caliente Carnitas

M-M Chicken

Chile Seared Salmon

Chipotle Salsa Verde, Sonoran Style

Strawberry Salsa


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Jane's Message                               April, 2016

Simply Southwest book coverWith April here, I love to walk out onto the little walkway from my front door and closely check the spring bulbs. Checking to see the difference a day makes in the rapid development of those tightly fisted buds of the tulips is such a joy. Of course the hyacinths and daffodils have already made their colorful, fragrant presence.

I always love to bring the spring flowers inside. The fragrant perfume and subtle hues of lilacs and hyacinths complemented by the brightly colored tulips and daffodils create a beautiful palette for springtime bouquets as well as centerpieces for springtime dinners. (Did you know that by placing a few pennies in the water of a vase of tulips the flowers will last much longer?)


Southwestern Kitchen book cover 2016This spring, I have been wonderfully busy, writing my newest book, “Simply Southwest” and editing my “Southwestern Kitchen” for re-publication, which are already available for pre-order on and Barnes and Noble. (It is very helpful for us if you pre-order as it gets us into a higher ranking category.)

The pre-order links for Southwestern Kitchen due out October 4, 2016 are—Amazon:

Barnes & Noble:

The pre-order link for Simply Southwest (my newest book) due out November 22, 2016 is—


The Barnes & Noble link is not active yet—will print as soon as available.

April Weekend Class

Our best selling weekend class is moving to the Gold Country near Sacramento, CA, for the April 22-24, 2016 class. We are featuring a special discounted price of 20% off for the next few to join this first in California, so join now to get in on the fun. The class will be taught in Liz Brigg’s new kitchen in Auburn, CA.

The May 13-15, 2016 weekend is just around the corner and we still have reservations open for that class as well as the July 15-17 and our week long August 22-16. 

In the meantime, to pep up spring appetites, red chiles are always great. We are offering our pure red chiles on sale for 25% off until April 6, midnight. They are fun for adding spark and appetite appeal to your menus any time of year. I like to put red chile on meats of any kind-- beef, pork chicken or seafood as a rub made with salt, sugar and maybe black pepper and herbs and serve the meats with salsa.

I also use red chile as a garnish for vegetable dishes instead of paprika, which does two things—supplies healthful capsaicin and spicy flavor.

I am including an assortment of my favorite entree recipes that use red chile, plus two salsa recipes great with the entree recipes. We are featuring red chile on special to accommodate you. Each of the following recipes can be quickly and easily made. And just think, you are adding health, when you add the red chile. The taco filling is a very quick and fresh tasting filling for tacos or burritos and freezes quite well.

Also note our special on a great Mother's Day gift--the Chiles 4 Health Gift Box complete with an autographed copy of my most beautiful cookbook, "Real Women Eat Chiles". 


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