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Have a great holiday! JANE BUTEL

Jane's Message                               December, 2015 

StollenChristmas is almost here again! Memories are always so special for the holiday season. Family activities as a child-- sleigh riding, ice skating and singing Christmas carols around the piano--there was always such an abundance of goodies to munch on, also. (Stollen is pictured.)

I have always been a child when it comes to Christmas. What a joyous season. This season I am vowing to dust off the keys of the piano and sing some carols with good friends. Today, a very close friend is coming to decorate the tree with me this afternoon. I got a “way too big tree” a few years back—so it is much better to have help decorating it and make a party of it. Then, soon I will start my baking and candy making.

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Some of my very favorite Christmas treats are Stollen, which I bake every other year, as the recipe bakes two loaves and they freeze quite well. Jingle Bell Cookies are from my Aunt Virginia, the Sinful Brownies recipe I developed myself, the Praline recipe came from Southern New Mexico where so many pecan farms are. They are quite fun to make and then wrap in tissue and bright colored yarn for a cookie assortment.


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