Recipes for the Month

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

Chipotle-Teased Black Bean Pumpkin Soup

Black Bean Soup

Sopa de Ajo

Sopa de Tortilla, with Variations 


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Jane's Message                               January 2015 

butternutsoup.jpgHere’s to a very Healthy and Happy New Year for each and everyone of you! (I’ve decided that the wish for healthy supercedes happy—in that if you are not healthy—it is much more difficult to be happy.)

2015 promises to be a year food-wise of healthy and practical priorities. According to those who make predictions—the goals are more centrist for this coming year—less radical trends and more traditional values taking the forefront. For example, kale will be much less prominent in everything, etc.

Great interest in chiles and their healthful benefits is still trending upward. Yeah!! I am still having great fun teaching the history and techniques for cooking with chiles and corn and the traditional ingredients for Southwestern cuisine. I have full participation weekend classes most every month and two full participation week long classes set for this year. I have a few places left for my January weekend as well as for the February week long class. I am offering a Bytes Special of two for one or half off for 48 hours on both sessions!

We finally got in the new 2014 fresh crop of red and green chiles and are offering them at 20% off For the rest of the week or until Saturday night, January 10 at midnight.

For this month, satisfying lunch or dinner soups seem like a great idea. Each recipe is super healthy and flavorful as well as easy to make. Each will freeze well also. Most of these recipes came from Quick and Easy Southwestern Cookbook, which I am also putting on half price or $11.50 plus shipping until Saturday, January 10 at midnight. Each of the recipes has a nutritional breakdown and can on average be made with 5 ingredients in about 20 minutes.



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