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Butel's Bytes-January, 2017

Recipes for the Month

Stovetop Grilled Vegetables

Salsa Verde Rice

Pollo Rellenos with Salsa Garnish

My Favorite White Clam Sauce for Pasta

Chile Sparked Sweet Potato Soup



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Jane's Message                               January, 2017 

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Different ChilesIt’s a great time to be adding more spice to your life….especially chiles. Chiles are so good for you and with the cold weather, chiles warm us up, assist in preventing and curing colds and overall help our health.

Chiles add sparkle and dash to your favorite family recipes. Ever try adding chipotles or hot red or green chiles to your favorite Mac and Cheese or to your meat loaf? Chiles are great in greens or any other vegetables. And chili is such a fun food—chili con carne that is. Like stew--once made, you can create so many other curtain calls with chili. I have tons of delicious recipes for chili encores in my new Chili Madness that if you haven’t checked them out—I invite you to do so!! And, I am making it easy!! My latest Chili Madness instead of $12.95 will be only $10.00 until January 6, 2017.


Have you started purchasing the first two of the new Jane Butel library of 8 cookbooks that just started coming out in November, 2016? Turner Publishing is doing a great job of re-publishing my best selling Southwestern and Barbecue cookbooks and my all new Simply Southwest book coverSimply Southwestern” which was published on November 22, 2016. You can order them from us and I will autograph them to your liking. Also, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Independent bookstores all feature my cookbooks. Don’t miss out on getting the complete collection—they are all re-edited and updated!


Click here to see which weekend class or day class or our All New Baking Two Day Workshop fits best with your schedule. They are a ton of fun—so much so that we have several who have come back up to five times. Get in on the fun and schedule your class today!

My next weekend class is February 10-12, 2017 and I am making it a Sweetheart class where 2 can come for the price of one or $1025..  If you do not have someone to share the weekend with, you can come for half price of $525.00.  

Our January day class will be at 6 PM on Thursday, January 26 and feature a full participation cooking class on specialty breads.  We will be having a special class each month!


My “Quick and Easy Cookbook” features almost 250 Quick & Easy Bookcoverpages of very easy, nutritious recipes you can make in 20 minutes or less with super market ingredients. With the benefits of consistently eating chiles, you will be amazed how easy it is to lose as well as maintain weight.

New Year Special until January 6, 2017 of half price plus only $5.00 shipping…only $18.50 instead of $33.00 ($23.00 for the book, $10.00 shipping.)


Four Resolutions to Make for your New Years Diet can add measurably to your health:

Eat chiles and other major anti-oxidants – Lots of research indicates that eating chiles, spinach, broccoli, pomegranates, dark chocolate garlic, onions, tea, coffee, grapes, wine and turmeric cut disease risk. Eat at least five or more servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY DAY.

Eat fish oil for heart health, cutting risk of Alzheimer’s, cancers, inflammation, asthma,  rheumatoid arthritis, lung and skin problems.

Control blood sugar by eating low glycemic foods that don’t spike your blood sugar. This will help avoid diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and obesity. The worst are sugar-laden breakfast cereals, pastries and sweets containing white flour. The best to eat are legumes such as peanuts, oatmeal—not the instant kind, lemons, limes, vinegar and cinnamon. For more information, go to the www.glycemicindex.com . 

Eat smaller portions, especially if not active. Exercise as often as possible, even walking is good.




 Register online or call me at 505-243-2622.


















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