Message from Jane

Recipes of the Month
    Chile Beef Taco Filling

    Caliente Carnitas

    M-M Chicken

    Salsa Verde

    Chile-Seared Salmon

    Strawberry Salsa

Special of the Month


Our red chiles are on special this month to all Bytes members. Mention you are a Bytes subscriber and you will receive 10% off.  

Upcoming Events

I will be doing a book signing and tasting at Bookworks on Rio Grande NW Thursday, April 30 at 7 PM. (Bookworks is located in the Flying Star shopping strip just beyond Griegos NW)

Chili Madness Book

The book signing at the Albuquerque Public Library on March 24 had more requests for reservations than could be accommodated, so we are scheduling another demonstration and book signing at the Downtown Main Library on July 8 at 5:30 PM. This event is free, but seating is limited, so call early for your reservation to 505-768-5115.

Give Away!


With each order of $10.00 or more of our chiles, we will give you a sample of our Mexican Oregano, which is so special for Southwestern cooking.


Keep your Chiles and Herbs Fresh by placing them in the refrigerator or freezer, wherever you have more room. They will keep fresh as long as you have them.

Get the Dating Habit. If you always date and place the newest items behind the ones you have on hand, you will always know both when you bought it and will use the food that you previously had on hand.



April 2009

Message From Jane

Spring FlowersEach morning, as April nears, I love to walk out onto the little walkway from my front door and closely check the spring bulbs. Checking to see the difference a day makes in the rapid development of those tightly fisted buds of the tulips is such a joy.  Of course the hyacinths and daffodils have already made their colorful, fragrant presence.

I always love to bring the spring flowers inside.  The fragrant perfume and subtle hues of lilacs and hyacinths complemented by the brightly colored tulips and daffodils create a beautiful palette for springtime bouquets as well as centerpieces for springtime dinners. 

 Full Story


Recipes of the Month 

beeftacofillingChile Beef Taco Filling: This is my favorite taco meat.  If you like mild chile flavors, you may wish to add the mild chile first and determine the need for the hot. Full Recipe

Caliente Carnitas: Carnitas are carnitasterrific to make in batches and freeze in serving sized quantities-thawing whenever you wish for great snacking!  (Of course, you can make a half or even one-third recipe if you do not want to freeze them.) I like to dip them into a salsa-often serving two different salsas for variation. Full Recipe


Chile Seared SalmonChile-Seared Salmon: Salmon is terrific this way and so fast and simple. I used to put a bit of salt with the rub, but I have found that it really is not necessary. I like this equally well with ground chiles or chipotles. Full Recipe 

Strawberry Salsa: The refreshing flavor of strawberries make for a light, wonderful salsa.  You can serve it as a dipping salsa with tostadas or with cucumber and celery spears.  I also like it served with most any fish or chicken dish. Full Recipe

salsa verdeSalsa Verde: An old Mexican favorite that is good over almost any meat or tortilla dish.  Tomatillos, available in Mexican specialty shops, should always be used.  Don't substitute unripe green tomatoes, because they lack the subtle, sweet taste of the tomatillos. Full Recipe

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April Weekend Class Includes Vegetarian Options

Lately we have had several requests for vegetarian variations to the traditional favorites we feature in the weekend class. Our April 24-26 class will feature these variations alongside the traditional recipes. This is a very special dual weekend for half price, so get in on the fun and register while there are still spaces. The half price cost is $525.00. (We had mentioned that we were featuring Innovative recipes, but they lost out to the traditional once again.) Call with any questions to 1-800-473-8226. You may register online  or by calling.

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tour1Oaxaca has always been one of my favorite places for a delicious foodie time amidst beautiful and historic surroundings. You really should join us this year June 2 through 8 for three full participation cooking classes, market tours, a visit to super historic Monte Alban, plus visits to special pottery and colorful wood carving villages. We have cut our price by $400. Click here to register 


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