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Learn how to cook amazing Southwestern cuisine! Jane Butel is author of over 22 cookbooks and 6 best sellers. These cookbooks are easy to read and full of treasured authentic, well tested Southwestern recipes.
Jane Butel's Best of Southwestern Grilling

A collection of Southwestern Grilling recipes featuring meat, poultry and seafood recipes plus doneness times and tips for selection of a grill.

Price: $10.95

This is a collection of favorite tested grilling recipes for meat, poultry and seafood from Jane Butel's Southwestern Grill.  Also included in the 69 pages are  doneness times and tips for selection of a grill.

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Jane Butel's "Best of Southwestern Grilling" e-book

Jane Butel's Southwestern Grill - eBook

Price: $2.99

This ebook contains favorites from the original "Jane Butel's Southwestern Grill".The Ultimate guide to grilling and smoking, has recipes for grilling such as Grilled Chicken with Lemon-Pecan Butter, Spit Roasted Fresh Ham with Raisin Bourbon Sauce.

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Real Women Eat Chiles

Real Women Eat Chiles- Book

Price: $25.00


Led by Jane Butel, the "Queen of Chiles" and founder of a uniquely American cuisine, real women who love chiles, and eat them to stay healthy and to spice up their lives, are celebrated in this beautiful and distinctive cookbook.

Real women climb corporate ladders and 20,000-foot mountains. Real women raise corporate profits, kids and garlic. They teach school, host television programs, ride mountain bikes, own commercial gardens, and do manual labor.

Their profiles and brief essays inspire us all to try a little chile...if it works for them, it'll work for us, too! Jane Butel's fantastic recipes are accompanied by a lively discussion of the origins of chiles and their curative properties.

The book is inspirational as well as educational, explaining how chiles work within the body to decrease appetite, stimulate metabolism, and help our immune systems fight off disease. Accented by gorgeous colorful photograpy of several of the recipes, the informative, easy to read chapters are interspersed with profiles of real women who have the healthy habit of eating chiles.

All of them use chiles to enliven meals, and now you can too, by starting to incorporate these delicious recipes into your daily diet. Meet some real women and read about their interesting affinities to chiles while you try Jane Butel's innovative recipes.

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Chili Madness 2nd Edition

Chili Madness 2nd Edition- Book

Price: $12.95


Beloved chili. Passionate Chili. Chili, the star of cook-offs, the obsession of societies, and the subject of endless debate over its proper preparation. Has there ever been a better time to be a chili head? This best selling cookbook is even bigger and better then the orginal. That is why we are reintroducing Jane Butel's CHILI MADNESS and making a great cookbook even better. Praised as "an elegant celebration" (travel + leisure) that "chile lovers will love" (New York Post), it's a spicy bestseller.

Quick & Easy Southwestern Cookbook

Quick & Easy Southwestern - Book

Price: $23.00


A collection of over 100 recipes for classic and delicious Southwestern dishes that can all be made in 20 minutes or less with five easy-to-find ingredients or less (with a few exceptions).

Each recipe is developed to be healthy, low fat, low cholesterol and low sodium and has a nutritional breakdown following each recipe.

The book is divided into appetizers, soups, pizzas various entrees, beverages and even Vegetarian favorites are included. In this book, Jane brings a fresh twist to Southwestern favorites.

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Jane Butel's Best of Mexican Regional Recipes

This cookbook features the selected and well tested regional Mexican recipes used in the award winning weekend classes taught by Jane Butel at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale AZ. Every year the school operated, it was awarded "Best in the US" and one of the "10 Best in the World of Hotel Based Cooking Schools".

Price: $12.95

This special collection of well tested recipes were developed by Jane Butel for the award winning Regional Mexican Cooking Classes conducted at the Fairmont Princess Hotel.  Additional recipes have been added for basic preparation.

Jane Butel's Best of Mexican Regional Recipes e-Book

This is the same collection of recipes used in the award winning Fairmont Princess weekend cooking schools in a downloadable ebook format.

Price: $2.99

DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK contains every recipe from the classes which cost $1600 to attend. Each recipe is a favorite, authentic, regional Mexican recipe that I have collected from the many years of visiting Mexico since childhood. I simplified them so the authentic, rich, flavors persisted yet they can be made in home kitchens with widely available ingredients.

You will love the flavors you will be able to create and the simple, straight forward, easy to follow instructions. You see the recipes have not only been tested by me-- they have been cooked by each class, so any unclear instructions were clarified.

Bowl of Red VHS or DVD

Bowl of Red - DVD A complete guide to making award winning chili, now on sale!  
Price: $19.95 Add:
Bowl of Red - VHS  
Price: $5.00 Add:

                                                             Dvd Photo 2

You haven't really had chili until you've had "Bowl of Red." All the inside hints and tips for making the perfect award winning "Bowl of Red" are shown. Jane prepares Fixins' and Mixins' plus Blue Corn and Jalapeno Skillet Bread. Gordon does his Fabulous Frijoles. Time 25:42.


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Best of Southwestern Grilling cookbook cover
Jane Butel's favorite grilled recipes including such favorites as Grilled Chicken with Lemon-Pecan Butter, Spit Roasted Dallas Style Grilled Flank Steak. E-book $2.99.

Softbound Paperback $10.95

Now On Kindle! $2.99

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