-Why are chiles so good for me?

-They are the world’s strongest anti-oxidant and possess the greatest ability to stimulate the human system, helping cure and or fight disease of most any kind.

How can I tell a hotter chile from a milder one?

Milder chiles have broader shoulders and blunter tips and are generally lighter in color.

Which is hotter, the stems or the veins?

It is a tossup. The veins carry the capsaicin from the placenta, the point of production and it is stored in the seeds.

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You haven't really had chili until you've had "Bowl of Red." All the inside hints and tips for making the perfect award winning "Bowl of Red" are shown. Jane prepares Fixins' and Mixins' plus Blue Corn and Jalapeno Skillet Bread. Gordon does his Fabulous Frijoles. Time 25:42.


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Jane guides you through the Red Chile Harvest and all that makes Autumn in New Mexico so special. Learn how to make a Ristra, those lovely strings of ripe peppers to hang at your door and bring good fortune to your home (shown at left). Then learn to prepare Red Chile favorites, such as Carne Adobado, Red Chile Sauce and more. Time: 39:43

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