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[your name] says that you love to cook and entertain, and you are very interested in Southwest, Mexican and healthy cooking.

That you enjoy cooking and entertaining and would like to get--

  • our delicious kitchen tested recipes
  • " how-to" videos,
  • decorating and entertaining ideas,
  • wine selection helps,
  • budget stretching
  • and hints, tips, freebies and more

every month delivered right to your home computer for your enjoyment.

Think of Labor Day or Special Dinner, Brunch with your friends or family. Imagine the wonderfully enticing spread of Southwest, Tex-Mex, and Mexican food you can enjoy with friends, neighbors, and family.

Mmm...mmm! What wonderful aromas and beautiful food for all the crew to savor!

Of course, you'll need a lot of creative ideas AND that is what we are known for providing.

EVERYONE will benefit from your subscription... and LOVE you for it!

Here's all you need, and it won't cost you a cent to get started! You just have to subscribe to "Cooking with Jane". So, here's the delicious deal and how you can do it for nothing for the first month as well as saving a tidy sum.

If you sign up before August 5th, you will get our Special Savings Rate. It will work like this: First month free; second month for only $1; and third month for only $4.99! You won't ever be able to beat this deal! You also get discounts on all of our products and classes.

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Everyone who signs up by August 5th will always have our Special Savings Rate. Though we can't guarantee it will always be $4.99 a month, anyone who joins by that date will get our best monthly rate unavailable to others.

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You can stop your subscription any time, but you will only have the Special Savings Rate of $4.99 a month if you remain subscribed.

I can guarantee you will find more recipes, tips and tricks, and preparation techniques than you can use in a year. And my how-to videos make preparation a breeze.

Not only that, but I'm adding a lot more all the time, AND you will always have excellent discounts and Cooking Club specials on my wonderful line of spices, books, cooking classes, and other great products.

Just think of the fabulous entertaining you can do for. Don't forget the family, club, church functions or the winter holidays. We have recipes and ideas for every event in the year!

DO NOT miss this wonderfully delicious opportunity at such a great price! Believe me, you won't regret it!

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You'll be the HIT of your group! Imagine your friends and family chiming in with raves of delight over your beautiful and delicious food.

But DO NOT DELAY! At midnight on August 5th Mountain Daylight Time the deal is over.

I can smell the wonderful aromas coming from your kitchen now!

I Look forward to cooking with you. We're going to have a great time!

Jane Butel
The Queen of Southwest Cooking

P. S. CAUTION! When you start preparing food like you'll learn in "Cooking with Jane" you'll find more people inviting themselves to your house to eat!

P.P.S CAUTION #2! This opportunity to get in on the ground floor is rapidly coming to an end! August 5th, 2009, at midnight MDT it's all over-don't delay!

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