Recipes  for the Month

Bowl o' Red Chili

Blue Heaven Chili

Bacon Crumble Cornbread

Crispy Cilantro Coleslaw

Maple Teased Apple and Cranberry Dessert


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Jane's Message                                  January , 2011



250owlofred.jpgKick Start your New Year with a generous sprinkling of Chiles. it is a great time to get our waistlines and budgets in line. And perhaps plan some fun at the same time. ..with a chili party. Read on…that is what this e-newsletter is all about!

Eating chiles, no matter whether they are red or green—they are a great boost to your waistline. The hotter the chiles the better. And the more frequently you eat chiles, the healthier you will be. Research at the University of Singapore reveals that persons who eat chiles at least 24 out of 30 days will be much healthier and their risk for any of the major killer diseases such as cancer and heart disease are greatly reduced.

My “Quick and Easy Southwestern Cook Book” cookbook has over 200 pages of recipes that can be prepared in 20 minutes or less with an average of 5 ingredients. My Real Women Eat Chiles has about 25% fewer recipes, with beautiful full color photography and the first third of the book features chile health information. You may order an autographed copy from me by just clicking this, ORDER NOW.

With the spicy, sassy flavors of Southwestern cooking—you can really enjoy your foods with lots less sodium, which is so hard on our bodies. Especially when accented by fresh lime, lemon or vinegar—salt is not required in nearly the quantities that most people use.

Also, chiles flavor beans, rice and vegetables so beautifully that less or no meat is needed, making for much less cost and cholesterol…making Southwestern cooking the darling of the economy minded.

And—to lighten the “suffering”, plan a chili party, which is great for TV, home movie or sports watching—to say nothing about the Big Game coming up real soon.

Following are some of my very favorite chili ideas. I know I have shared my favorite chili recipe, Bowl o’ Red, with you before; however since it is my favorite and can be frozen and served myriads of ways—I am giving it to you again. By the way, a great valentine, birthday or friendship gift is our Chili Madness Gift set.

 The other chili recipe, Blue Heaven Chili is quite different and features green chiles and blue cheese. We are putting Green Chiles on Sale—two Hot frozen green Chiles for the price of one.

Try it, I bet you will like it. Bacon Crumble Blue Corn Bread is downright contagious and when coupled with the Cilantro Cole Slaw—you will be lifted to ecstasy! By the way, the Bowl o Red Chili recipe has less calories than a cup of fruited yoghurt.

For dessert, try The Maple-Teased Apple Cranberry Crisp—great to make while fresh cranberries are still available and the maply tartness is a delightfully delicious foil to the chili…even more wonderful with a scoop of rich vanilla, butter pecan ice cream or frozen yoghurt.


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