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Mom's Bread & Butter Pickles

Jalapenp Jelly

Tomato Marmalade

Cider Apple Butter

My Favorite Basic Jam



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Jane's Message August, 2010

Pickles BreadHarvest time is upon us! Sometimes, living in the city or at least far, far away from growing fruits and vegetables, one tends to forget how productive the season can be. Having grown up on a farm, I remember the fun as well as the hard work of canning and freezing all kinds of cherries, peaches, apricots, apples and tomatoes--glorious tomatoes and corn and….so many other fruits and veggies.

Making pickles and preserves were always to me, the most fun. Freshly made strawberry jam or peach or a fun, fun combination of fruits and sometimes nuts and other goodies to make a conserve were so wonderfully delicious when freshly made and then spread on homemade bread.

And pickles, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my Mother’s special Bread and Butter Pickles.

There are some very basic and important hints that will assure almost automatic success with Jam and Jelly making. If the fruit is not very tart, a section of apple peel or core are needed to supply pectin—or even easier, use commercial pectin—which by the way, has become rather expensive. I personally only use pectin for jelly—for jams, butters and conserve, I never use pectin.

For pickles, always use distilled water, 4 to 6 % acidity vinegar and pure salt—not iodized or fancy salt. Tap water will often yield soft pickles as will not using the right vinegar and salt.

Always wash and sterilize the glass jars and boil for at least five minutes and keep boiling hot until jarring the jam or pickles. Use new lid inserts and only moisten, do not boil in the water.

Following are some of my favorite Pickle and Jam recipes.


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