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   Recipes for the Month

Calabacitas Guisadas

Zucchini Fritters

Winter's Pleasure Tomatoes

Fresh Garden Salsa

Mexican Style Grilled Corn with Toppings


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Jane's Message                                   August, 2013 

Fresh Red TomatoesAugust is always that special time of year for eating nature’s bounty from the garden. Juicy, aromatic, luscious flavored tomatoes—freshly picked from the garden are like no other. I love this saying “Only God and August can make a perfectly flavored tomato”. There is nothing better than home grown tomatoes. I am sharing some of the recipes I like the best for capturing those wonderful, palate pleasing moments of the harvest.

 My very favorite is what I call Winter’s Pleasure Tomatoes. Slow roasting in an oven creates an almost caramel-like taste. Or, you can freeze tomatoes by simply washing them and placing them in freezer bags or containers—or you can blanche them for 2 minutes to remove the skin and chill then cooking them for about 15 minutes to create a stewed sauce and freeze rigid containers or freezer weight bags. (Actually when thawed if frozen with the skin on—the skin comes off immediately and saves lots of time.)

I am including my very favorite salsa recipe, which has always rated rave reviews from all who have tried it. The Fresh Garden Salsa has almost a garden’s worth of vegetables in a fresh tomato base that I am sure you will like.

Try grilling corn. I know you will be very well pleased. The flavor is really kicked up several notches—especially when you add a topping such as I have included here.


I have just added a fall week long class. Fall is so gorgeous here with the golden cottonwoods, and red chile ristras dotting the adobe homes—I want to share that experience with all who can come. You may register here.

We are just finishing a new professional kitchen where I will soon be teaching in a beautiful custom designed adobe home built around a gorgeous patio. I am sure you will really like our new setting and would love for each of you to come cook with us. We are very pleased that Blue Star Ranges and Elkay Sinks and Faucets have become our partners in our newly remodeled kitchen, which is much bigger than our Corrales kitchen, where I have been teaching.

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Always refrigerate or freeze for perfect keeping!