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Butel's Bytes-May, 2017

Recipes for the Month

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Cioppino Caliente

Kentucky's Best Bourbon Glazed Thighs

Rio Party Salad

Hawaiian Double Coconut Parfaits

Mint Juleps



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chiles 4 health, 2015


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Jane's Message                                   May, 2017

Mother's Day ImageMay always signals summer!

May is always a month of celebrations. Of new beginnings and farewells to former affiliations such as school. The month is kicked off with Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day (special to me since living in Louisville, while heading GE’s Consumer Marketing) followed by graduations, Bridal showers and of course the celebration of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day has early, early roots back to ancient Greece. However, Mother’s Day as we celebrate it was begun in 1908—introduced by Anna Jarvis, through very diligent work to influence congressmen, ministers and other influential’s. She finally got a Presidential proclamation in 1914 to make Mother’s Day official on the second Sunday in May. Her driving force was that she felt children do not appreciate their Mother’s enough while they are still living.

We can really help you out with meaningful gifts that keep on giving — for your Mothers with a whole range of memory giving items that will let your Mother know just how much you really care. (And, you Mothers can hint for what you would really like.) There is a lot to choose from…, weekend classes, one of my new cookbooks specially autographed—“Jane Butel’s Southwestern Kitchen”, “Simply Southwestern”, “Tex-Mex”, “Hotter Than Hell” or one of my tried and true former cookbooks—“Jane Butel’s Quick and Easy”, “Real Women Eat Chiles” “Chili Madness”,” Regional Mexican” or “Grilling”—, a gift box or a gift certificate of any amount from $25.00 up to be used on our products or applied to classes.

Next Class

My May class is the evening of May 18 at 6 PM and is the ever popular “Taco-Mania” featuring a yummy collection of delectable tacos. Of course, the class will be full participation and tons of fun, so register early. In June on the 15th we will feature Appetizer and Party Fare.

Weekend class—

Our next weekend class is July 21-23 and we have very few openings left, so register now to be sure of securing a place.

Tour to Oaxaca, Mexico

We have been receiving lots of inquiries about offering our Oaxaca class again next year. Let us know if you are interested. We are thinking about going the third week of June, 2018.

Gift Certificates

You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount of $25.00 or more for any of our pure products or cookbooks or apply it to a class.  Call 505-243-2622 to arrange a gift certificate.

I have selected some very favorite recipes for special May entertaining or special meals at home from my newly republished “Hotter Than Hell” cookbook (except for the Mint Juleps)-




















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